July 2011

NUSSLI installs for the IAA Frankfurt

Between September 13 and 25, 2011, Frankfurt will be the focal point of the global automotive industry once again: during ten days, new designs and innovations from around the globe will be shown at the world’s largest automotive fair, the IAA (Internationale Automobilausstellung - International Automotive Expo).

The NUSSLI installation crew has already begun their construction work for a number of well-known names in the automotive industry on site, including the entire presentation stand for Volkswagen. NUSSLI is planning to build no less than an entire exhibition hall for the latest vehicle models by Audi. BMW has once again commissioned NUSSLI with the construction of this year’s core component of their presentation stand: an integrated roadway.

Further information:

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Presentation stand BMW at the IAA 2009

International Automotive Expo

International Automotive Expo