Overlay Planning, General Planning.

Reliable, foresighted, and resource-friendly planning (overlay planning) is important for the success of complex major events.

NUSSLI has developed flexible and sustainable concepts for popular global sports events and cultural events, with which costs for maintenance and operating along with surplus capacities after the conclusion of major events are consistently avoided. Our overlay planning activities are in accordance with cost efficiency and sustainability. Within the scope of overlay planning and consulting, we strive to create a balance between the use of event infrastructures for the event, and their subsequent reuse after the event.

How our Overlay Planning benefits you:

  • Cost saving and reduced investments
  • Reduction of space requirements
  • Time saving
  • Image boost due to sustainable project developments
  • Low administrative effort particularly in the approval phase
  • Growing support for the event, since no tax money is subsequently required for maintenance and operation


As overlay planner, we compile studies, develop concepts, check for feasibility, plan temporary and permanent structures, calculate budgets, prepare schedules, define specifications, and arrange calls to tender.  

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Detailed Project and Product Information

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