Event Structures, General Contractor, Overlay Management.

Existing infrastructures are not always adequate to hold an event. As Overlay Contractor and General Contractor, NUSSLI assumes the responsibility for planning and project management in the implementation of temporary event infrastructures.

To ensure the success of the event, we design, deliver, and manage all event structures necessary from A to Z. Our network of partners and the experience gained in big and small projects, makes us a reliable partner whose competence in event infrastructures is unmatched. We hand over turnkey event infrastructures (Overlay Works). 

In their function as Overlay Manager, NUSSLI supports organization committees from the planning right down to the implementation. We optimally adapt the event structures to the requirements of the venue. 

Our overlay services include, among other things:

  • Temporary grandstands and tribunes for press and media 
  • Temporary event structures like tents, portable buildings and toilets
  • Outfitting of tent structures, portable buildings and existing facilities
  • Air-conditioning for tent structures, portable buildings and existing facilities
  • Power generators/distribution and water supply/drainage
  • Mobile fences and barriers
  • Temporary footpaths and ground protection systems


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