Pavilion Construction, Hall Construction, Event Halls, Road Shows.

Thanks to our year-long experience in pavilion construction, we can implement architecturally superior pavilion projects. NUSSLI works in close collaboration with clients and creative partners, to implement structures that seem impossible to build upon first sight. We create pavilions using every imaginable type of construction method and environmental profile – using timber, steel, or other materials.

Light, flexible, and cost-efficient: We have extensive know-how in regard to custom-tailored light frame construction halls, which can be quickly built and dismantled just as quickly. Our vast experience with unique projects in hall construction allows us to directly implement this know-how – economically, creatively, and safely.


The NUSSLI service range in pavilion and hall construction:

  • Single-story and multi-level pavilions
  • Sponsors pavilions
  • Mobile pavilions, road shows
  • Mobile halls
  • Light frame construction halls
  • Museum halls
  • Event halls
  • Event structures with various surface options

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Detailed Project and Product Information

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